Natural Beauty

Beautiful skin comes from within.

Beauty, it’s an inside job. While makeup can conceal many an imperfection (thank goodness), nothing can replace the glow of someone who not only looks great but feels it also.  It was a natural progression from the external application of makeup to exploring internally what gives us radiance, slow the ageing process and while you’re at it, keep you healthy!

After working on 1000’s of faces I have come to see first hand how the quality of your skin is not just genetics or father time being on your side, it’s lifestyle and diet that has the biggest impact. Our skin is a living breathing organism that is dependant on what we feed it like any other cell in your body, and thanks to our nifty survival mechanisms it can get the last look in when beauty nutrients are being dished out.. hello dark circles, dry skin, fine lines, breakouts, redness. As a major bonus, its not just about vanity, beauty is more than skin deep, while you take care of the cells of your skin, you’re taking care of ALL the cells functioning within your body, ultimately to keep you happy, healthy and beautiful.

All brides are offered a nutrition consultation, with information on beauty foods, specific nutrients and supplement advice specific to any concerns.

Thanks so much for your amazing work making me look beautiful at the wedding and getting me healthy in the lead up!  It’s made for the best memories 🙂

Jody (Hair styling, makeup and nutrition consultation)

Clean Beauty

When I started learning more about the skin, I became much more conscious of what chemicals I was applying to my own and clients skin. We absorb what we put on our skin, straight into the bloodstream, and while our bodies are designed to filter out any toxins its fair to say we are bombarded by toxins in our environment at every turn! I made the switch to organic brands as I wanted to be able to trust that the products used on my clients were not known to be harmful.

The more research I did the more alarmed I was to know about how detrimental some of these chemicals we are applying to the skin can be, and with scant regulation or safety testing for what we unknowingly apply to our skin. I’m happy to be now filling my kit with organic and clean beauty products to use for a truly natural makeup application.

Natural beauty workshops are held in Bowral, including information on low-toxin cosmetics, beauty foods for skin health, and DIY skincare.


  • Nutritionist – Advanced Nutritional Medicine Diploma
  • Beauty Nutrition Certificate
  • Nutritional Epigenetics and Skin Ageing Certificate

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