Beauty Nutrition

All brides glow on their wedding day with excitement and happiness, however the lead up to your wedding day can be the perfect time to take a closer look at your dietary habits to help ensure you are glowing well before the big day.

Our skin is the largest organ and can be a clear way to see internal health and how we are feeding our skin.  Everything we ingest is broken down into energy to feed our cells, being deficient in nutrients or over consuming harmful foods can leave your skin lack lustre at best, more obvious signs could show up as blemishes, dry and premature aging skin, dark circles or weak nails and hair.

By following a healthy eating plan to support energy, natural detox phases and gut health, you can help ensure your skin will be clear and radiant, not to mention feeling your best self in the lead up to one of your most important days ever!

Taking care of your skin is more than just skin deep, as you take care of your skin cells you are taking care of ALL your cells and an important measure in preventing disease related conditions. A gentle detox will help support your body by removing unnecessary stress from energy depleting and inflammatory foods and shifting focus towards delicious nutrient dense foods, helping enhance natural radiance when all eyes are on you.

What’s included in a beautiful skin and health consultation:

  • Receive up to date information on important nutrients and skin superfoods to support the bodies natural ability to detox through whole foods. Helping slow the aging process through regeneration and repairing of skin cells while boosting collagen.
  • Learn about harmful foods or lifestyle factors aggravating skin that can also promote aging and inflammation.
  • A pre-wedding meal plan, including recipes, shopping lists and pantry essentials to help you stay on track.
  • Relaxation techniques to help keep calm and reduce stress in the lead up to your wedding.
  • An individual look into your diet, offering suggestions tailor made specific to your lifestyle and needs.

How does the appointment work?

  • A short health questionnaire can be initially filled in, completing specific health goals and a 3 day diet diary (no judgement! Just allows me to understand your normal routine and nutritional requirements)
  • Followed by an in person (Bowral clinic), phone or Skype chat can be arranged for a personal consultation.

Your investment?

$120 initial appointment, $70 follow up appointments if necessary

It is recommended to start any dietary changes at least 6 weeks prior to wedding.

Information for bridal hair and makeup services here.