Bridal FAQ’s


How soon should I book in for a trial?

You can book in for your trial at any stage from the time of enquiry up to the week before your wedding, as a general rule between 2-6 months prior is ample time. However, do let me know as soon as you are ready to reserve your wedding date as dates can book up to a year in advance.

Where is the trial held, and what days are available?

Trials are held in my Bowral studio. If you prefer weekends, let me know asap as I’m generally booked out both Saturdays and Sundays, alternatively I’m more flexible with week days on Monday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s.

How do I prepare?

It’s a good idea to start getting a feel for different styles you think will suit, creating a Pinterest board is always fun for inspiration and an easy way to send the link for your ideas.  It’s also handy to have a picture of your dress to make sure the makeup and hair fit nicely with your gown.

How long does a trial take?

A hair and make-up trial takes approximately 2-3 hours, for just hair or makeup its 1.5 hours.  Once we get chatting about ideas and play with styles the time slips away very easily! The trial will take longer than the wedding day application.

Should my bridesmaid have a trial?

It’s not a necessity for a bridesmaid to have a trial, and my preference is to only have a trial with the bride, to keep the focus on you. Although if you would like to be more prepared for the day you can let me know their hair length/type, skin tone, and dress colour is helpful before the day.

Do I even need a trial?

Although it’s a great idea to meet before the wedding and check you are comfortable with the overall look, it’s completely up to you and I do plenty of weddings without them. Sometimes brides are happy to send me their ideas and work it out on the day, I can arrive a little earlier so we have ample time to chat.  We can also discuss ideas on the phone or even meet for a cuppa if you would prefer to skip the trial and simply like to meet me beforehand.

Wedding day

Do you come to me on the day?

Yes, always.  All I need is access to a power point, table and natural light. I also bring a ring light to ensure we have the best lighting possible.

How long will it take for everyone to get ready on the day?

On the day it takes approx 1 hour per service, which includes hair setting and styling, skin prep, makeup application, chatting to each person about their requirements, brush cleaning and any changes if necessary.  I always allow extra time for the bride to make sure that we are not rushed and can apply the finishing touches with ease.

How many people for hair and makeup can you do on your own?

I can do up to 7 services either hair or makeup comfortably on my own. For any extra people I can arrange an assistant to allow the day to run smoother, and so you’re not having to start too early.

What time I do I need to be ready by?

I recommend being ready 1.5 hours before leaving for the ceremony, giving time for any touchups, getting into dresses, photos and the many interruptions that can happen on a wedding day. I like to stay up until you’re in your wedding dress, so I can attach the veil and check for any final touches. I have been known to help with dresses, fix shoes, dry flower stems, or pour you a glass of champagne! I’m a help wherever is needed type of gal.

Will the makeup last all day?

As artists, its our job to make sure that you will get the most out of your makeup.  If necessary I can use oil free primers, corrective concealers with anti-shine setting powders – all this to ensure your makeup will last hours. However, depending on your skin type it will be different for everybody. It is a good idea to purchase a lipstick to touch up with you on the day, or I can give you a lippy pot with your chosen lipstick for a couple of applications use.

Im wanting my hair out, will it drop?

Honestly, it depends, some hair will hold curl better than others, but by now you most likely already know whether your hair out will stay put!  Still, there is a lot you can do to make sure it will hold the curl, and generally will take about as long as styling an up style – lots of prepping involved with heat styling sprays, hot roller set, hot tongs, pin curled up and set for hours are some of the tricks I use to make curls stick.

Can also be worth considering hair extensions for added volume and length which will also help the style stay in place.

Do you attach the veil?

Yes, I like to stay until everyone is in their dresses, attach the veil and make sure everyone is looking perfect, making those final adjustments just before you head out the door.

How should I prepare my hair and skin?

I recommend clean dry hair for your appointment.  Washing your hair the night or morning before your wedding day is fine, although if your hair tends to be oily wash the morning of your wedding day. Check that your shampoo doesn’t contain any silicon, as can weigh the hair down for styling. Clean skin with no makeup on and your normal moisturiser before the trial or wedding.

How do I lock in your services for my wedding day?

Once you would like me to reserve your date, simply let me know and I will send you over a detailed quote, when the 10% deposit is made your date is locked in.  The remainder is due one week before the wedding. Trial payment is due at the time of appointment.

Any other questions feel free to ask!

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