Hair and Makeup

The ability to transform first gave me the inspiration to become a hair and makeup artist.  Makeup has the ability to enhance our facial structure, by highlighting and contouring with the right shades and products improving symmetry – creating higher cheekbones, defining jawbones, fuller lips, sliming noses and enhancing eyeshapes in a natural or more dramatic way.

During the trial, hair and makeup ideas are explored to suit your style and personality, also taking into consideration your wedding dress, theme, season and destination, ensuring everything fits together.

Most clients I see want to feel like themselves, the best version of themselves. I like skin to look like skin, fresh, dewy and bright. There is a balance to making sure your makeup looks good on camera although not a heavy handed application that your groom and guests will be wondering where you are hiding under all that makeup!

Choosing the right hairstyle can have a big impact on your overall look, with vintage hairstyles giving a timeless sophistication or braids and soft updos creating a more natural and effortless glamour. As everyone has different hair types and features, I find it best to borrow ideas from different era’s and styles to suit the individual.

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