About Me

Hi! Im Michelle Mae, a hair and makeup artist based in the Southern Highlands. My man, 2 girls and I moved to the countryside 3 years ago from Annandale, Sydney’s Inner West. With more space, more trees, less busyness, we love it!


My love affair for all things beauty began at a young age when I was constantly drawn to paint friend’s face’s with my mum’s makeup and (much to her horror) experimenting with her favourite products. These days not much has changed, I’m still as passionate as ever playing with hair and makeup techniques, albeit with a tad more finesse then way back then! At 15 years old I made the conscious decision to become a makeup artist, after being wowed by a makeup artist transforming a painfully shy, red headed, pale, freckled and very spotty girl, concealing all my said ‘imperfections’ and helping me feel the most confident I had ever felt at that time.  I knew then and there I wanted to help others feel confidence in their own skin.


After finishing hair and makeup college in 1998 and gaining Sydney experience – first feature film I worked on was ‘Babe’, I packed my makeup kit for London, a supposed 6 months adventure went on to being my home for 8 years, it was there I perfected my skills in the world of fashion, television and film.  I became a hair and makeup manager for a photographic studio and also freelanced regulary for television documentaries and programs across the UK.  I have also worked extensively in the film industry as a casting agent for actors, extras and models, and working with Australia’s leading casting directors for films such as Paradise Lost, Narnia, Don’t be afraid of the dark and Red Dog.

Having currently 20 years experience in hair and makeup, I had the desire to understand more about inner beauty and how to feed the skin.  I completed an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine at ACNT, this allowed me to gain insight on how to feel and look your best from the inside out. Currently I am researching and delving into in-depth studies specifically for beauty and skin nutrition.

In 2012, I launched Mae You Be, a place where I could share my knowledge and experience of beauty and health.  Having now worked with hundreds of brides, I’ve been fortunate enough to hear their feedback, with most brides thanking me for being a calming presence on the day. I truly understand that it’s a time when nerves and emotions run high, and that maintaining a lighthearted and grounded attitude is all part of my job. Read more about clients testimonials here.

I believe everyone has their unique way of expressing individual beauty, my passion has always been to help women see what they should see in the mirror everyday.  It’s about enhancing what is already there and never creating a mask, my aim is to bring out the natural beauty in everyone.

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Tree of Life, Fitness first, Complete Wedding Magazine, Ms London Magazine, Discovery Channel, Sky TV, Ideal World, Lion TV, Zoot TV, Sony Ericsson, Uncle Toby’s, Kellogg’s, Mud Media Productions, World of Wonder Productions, Thorough Media Solutions, Ethical Strategies. Australian Consolidated Press (ACP), Channel 5, Wayne Cooper – Designer, The Mint Partners PR, Rush Mag.